One of the major factors when it comes to buying a home in Australia is the location. Till today, the old saying of “location, location, location” cannot be stressed enough in the Australian real estate market, where home buying costs vary significantly depending on where you’re looking to buy.

Home Buying Costs
Let’s explore the top 3 locations that affect home buying costs in Australia:
  • Suburb’s History

The history of a suburb plays a significant role in deciding the cost of a home in Australia. Properties in the suburbs with high crime usually cost less than those in good ones. While it is true that you can get a property at a much lower price, however properties in such areas are less likely to rise in value over time- not to mention an unsafe area can be a concern.
  • Access to Public Transport

One of the critical factors that can significantly influence home buying costs is the accessibility to public transport such as train stations, buses and trams. Typically, properties having easier access to public transport have a higher cost as these have more demand from working professionals and families.
  • Size and Facilities

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and additional facilities like garages, pools, backyards, patios and balconies all contribute to a property’s higher value. For instance, a city apartment with a parking space can be costlier than one without it. Similarly, a suburban home with a large backyard can have higher demand from families, thus coming up at higher price tags.

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