Self-Managed Super Fund Loans

Superannuation companies usually invest money on your behalf. But did you know you have the option to manage these savings on your own? Many Australians access their superannuation to fast-track growth and diversify their investments. 

Do you want to grow your wealth with a self-managed super fund lending solution?

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Why choose an SMSF loan?

An SMSF loan can speed up the pace of stacking your retirement savings sooner.

Let’s say you have $100,000 in shares through superannuation. If your shares grow by 10 per cent over 5 years, you will have earned $110,000 (depending on fees such as stamp duty, etc.).

Let’s say you leverage your $100,000 to take out an SMSF loan and purchase a $1 million property. If this property grows by 10 per cent over the same period, you will have a $100,000 profit (not including fees and interest). You can see why this strategy may be worthwhile.

While this is not financial advice, it may help you understand the value of an SMSF loan, especially if you are seeking help from an SMSF loan broker to grow your wealth ahead of your retirement.

How Do Self-Managed Super Fund Lending Work?

If you are considering an SMSF loan, you should immediately speak with your financial advisor before doing anything else. They will help you to create an effective strategy. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • SMSF loan should be issued to a trust with a corporate trustee (not to a sole trader business or partnership)
  • The SMSF loan should not breach the sole purpose test
  • The SMSF loan should be allowable under the trust deed of the SMSF and is included as part of the investment strategy of the SMSF

Reach out to the lending specialists at Lend & Co. to get a better idea of all the rules and regulations. In addition to going over the minor details, we can also assist you in formulating a clear strategy to find suitable self-managed super fund lenders.

We will walk you through the requirements of setting up what’s known as a limited recourse borrowing arrangement and help you provide the information you need to your lender.

Once you have pre-approval, you can shop for an investment property. We will work with you to finalise and settle your loan when you find one that meets your needs.

Why Work With Lend & Co. for SMSF Lending Solutions?

Deploying your SMSF funds to acquire an SMSF lending solution is a path to be taken carefully. In addition to the existing difficulties of finding a suitable lender, you must consider all the technicalities and limitations surrounding SMSF loans. Play it safe by hiring professional SMSF specialists to keep you out of trouble while you grow your wealth.

Here are a few advantages of working with Lend & Co.’s SMSF loan specialists:

  • Expert knowledge of SMSF loans and the limitations surrounding them
  • Strong industry connections across the property and finance industry
  • A professional, friendly approach to doing business
  • The determination to help you get the best possible outcome
  • The ability to work with you online so you get results faster
  • A commitment to keeping you up to date throughout your application process

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