Build Generational Wealth With Property Investment

Property investments are opportunities that have relatively low risks and can help build long-term wealth. In times of cryptocurrencies and turbulent stock markets, Australians view properties as a “more stable life raft”.

If you wish to build wealth that will last generations to come or make investments for your retirement, property investments can help you reap the benefits in the long term. Moreover, houses and real estate properties are relatively easier to understand than other investments.

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Property Investment

What is Property Investment?

Investment properties are real estate purchases made to earn some kind of financial return, whether it’s short-term rental yields or long-term future gains.

Hence, it’s quite different from purchasing a property for residential purposes. Irrespective of whether you wish to create a passive income or grow wealth, a thoughtful investment in real estate can help you achieve your goals.

Pros and Cons of Property Investment

While property investments appear to be a rather straightforward and safer choice than other investments, you must also consider their pitfalls and advantages.


Lower Volatility: Real estate markets aren’t as volatile or fluctuating as the share markets or the cryptocurrencies. While there is a rise and fall in the real estate market too, they are relatively gradual.

Rental Income: If you find the right tenants for your property, you can make the most of stress-free passive income in the form of rental yields.

Capital Growth: Selling your property once it appreciates in value, you can benefit from capital gains.

Tax Deductions: Property expenses, including the interest on loans used to buy the property, can be used for tax deductions.

Physical Asset: While most investments are intangible, real estate is one investment you can see, touch and experience in the real world.

Simple and Easy Investments: Unlike the share or the mutual fund market, real estate investments are rather straightforward and easier to understand. Hence, it’s an investment that most people can make without any kind of confusion.


Low Flexibility: Purchase and sale of real estate investments are much more complicated and take longer than other investments. Sometimes it can take months or even years to find a customer to close the deal.

Vacancy: When you have no tenants, you might have to cover the costs and bear losses.

High Entry and Exit Costs: Expenses like stamp duty, legal fees, real estate agent’s fees and much more make entry and exit in the real estate market an expensive affair.


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